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    Hey Guys, I've recently bought a Mac Book Pro and I'm upgrading it to 2 gigs of mem, I multitask alot, and I like to give my applications plenty of room to run you know like a breath of fresh air, ha ha ha. any ways enough of my silly jokes.

    I'm wondering does Mac OS X allow you to turn off the Paging or Virtual space as it may be refered to like how Windows Xp allows you to completely stop usiing Paging and just run the applications entirely in main memory. And if you can do that, how does one do so? thanx for any responses guys!

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    So I take it no one knows?

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    Effectively, no.

    You could disable or restrict the dynamic_pager, but it would be unwise to do so. Mac OS X is not designed to work without the swapfile. Even with 2GB, you'd eventually run out of memory and crash. Probably soon.

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    Excellent, thanx for letting me know

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