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    missing characters
    how are you supposed to type the right brackets, the accolades, and the vertical stripe on a powerbook keyboard ?
    i don't see these symbols anywhere on the keyboard, and i have tried a lot of key combo's, with some succes
    these i can find (respectively alt/option + round bracket key and shift + alt/option + round bracket key)
    but the vertical stripe, i cant find it
    so i was wondering if it is possible to input a character via it's ascii value, like on a windows pc: you hold down the alt gr key and enter the ascii value, release the alt gr key and out pops your character
    but i can't find it on a mac

    i need these characters when i start programming in Java (or any language for that matter), my university course is starting next week, so i don't wanna look a fool, with my super laptop, but a few missing keys

    thx a lot

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    As far as I know, all of those keys should be directly to the right of the "P" on the keyboard.
    You use shift between the brackets and accolades, and use shift to get the vertical (it is over the slash)

    At least that is how it is on my PB G3, and I double checked PB G4 Ti keyboard online and it is the same setup
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    PB alu 15" has a different keyboard
    no such keys on mine, and messing about with the shift/alt/Fn keys doesn't work either
    thx anyway

    any other suggestions ...?

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