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Thread: .Bin files

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    .Bin files
    Hey, I'm really new to Macs. This is actually my first one ever and I love it.

    Now, I've been trying to download some applications that have a .bin extension and the only application that seems to open them is Stuffit and it just uses Microsoft Excel and the file is a bunch of gibberish.

    What's going on here?

    Thanks a bunch

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    In my experience, .bins have been Toast files...
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    .bin when combined with .cue usually goes with toast. But .bin is also just another type of .zip or .rar

    You need to see the files to automatically open with stuffit instead of excel. Click on the .bin file hit Apple+I and make sure the Open With is set to StuffIt Expander
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    Oh wow, OK, I apologize ya'll. Apparently I didn't even have Stuffit downloaded...I seriously thought I did because it was saying it was opening it with that.

    Ok, thank ya'll so much

    (That was kinda embarassing)

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    Any sugguestions as to why stuffit wont open my windows media player .bin file?

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    To open the windows media player expander using stuffit you need to go to stuffit perferences then uncheck the box where it says "Continue to expand if possible"

    Then try to expand windows media player installer using stuffit to get "Windows media.sitx"
    Expand this file using stuffit again to get the installer, the rest is up to you
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