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Thread: Folder color

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    Folder color
    can i change the color of the folders from blue to something else?
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    well you can right click and change the background of the text. Beyond that I dont know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by appleXcore
    can i change the color of the folders from blue to something else?

    If you use the program CandyBar you can customize all your icons.

    If you want to change an individual folder's icon, you must first download some .icns (pictures in icon format) then do these steps to change them.
    1. bring up the info for both the folder and the icon you want to change to. You do this by highlighting the folder and the icon and hitting apple-i, or rightclick > get info
    2. select the little picture in the top left of the icon's info (when selected it will be outlined in blue). Hit the key command for copy (apple-c).
    3. now select the little blue folder pic in your folder's info. paste the icon you copied onto it (apple-v) and it will change the folder's icon

    you can find tons of mac .icns at interfacelift

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    Thank you Cherry, great tip

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    Exclamation changing folder colours
    Don't pay for software to do this (unless you want to really jazz your desktop appearances up I guess) it's pretty simple to do it manually once you know how.
    This video explains:
    YouTube - Mac Tip: Color Folders

    or search TechTalkGuy and scan through his mac uploads.

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