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Thread: Internet connections limited?

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    Internet connections limited?
    I know that on Windows XP there's a limit to 10 IP address connections at once to try and slow virus outbreaks. Does Mac OS X have anything of this sort? Can you disable it?


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    I have never heard of anyting like that for OS X.
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    Wow... 10 IP address connections on Win XP? I've never heard that one before... are you sure? Is this a change from Windows 2000?

    I used to write intensive TCP/IP applications and must say I never ran into that limit so I'm guessing it must be a bit more specific than simply 10 connections as I've done that many times.

    Ahhhh... sorry just googled it - the limitation is actually 10 attempts to connect in a second! Though of course you can be connected to more than 10 addresses at any one time.

    So, same answer as D3v1L80Y, I've never heard of anything like that in OS X.

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