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Towbar 10-14-2006 09:19 AM

Saving Mail & Addres Book details
Hi guys

I have now got my offcial OSX 10.4 and would like to do a clean install but i would like to save all my current emails and address info how can i do this and still format the hard drive.

Also it say on the box i must have firewire which i have, 400 why does it ask this do i need to connect to another Mac in order to put 10.4 on my machine

Towbar 10-15-2006 08:44 AM

Well thanks to everyone who read this post. 8 at this current time don't know whether it is a case of no one knew the answer or if it was case of I Just asked a "silly question" but i did managed to find the answer to my problem which was this:

? Copy all the files located in Home/Library/Mail.

? Copy the file "," located in Home/Library/Preferences. This file stores the preferences you set in Mail Preferences.

? Copy the folder "AddressBook," located in Home/Library/Application Support. This file is used by both Address Book and Mail.

Just thought I'd post here in case any other newbs had the same problem not trying to spam or bump my posts up

Thank you all

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