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    Moving Apps
    So I bought a brand new 20" iMac- quite a beutiful piece.
    Issue is, I don't yet have DSL set up in my apt. As such, installing such important apps as Quicksilver, iTunes 7 and so on has proven tough. I figured I could just copy the vesions I have on my Powerbook onto an external hard drive, but that didn't work. Finder told me it that certain files couldn't be moved. Hmmm.
    Any ideas?
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    well firstly, the versions of apps you're trying to copy may not be universal. Is the iMac an intel mac? I don't think they *require* universal versions, but it certainly would run much smoother with them.

    Also, simply copying apps doesn't always work, as there can often be other inconveniently named necessary files all over the place. I'd say the best thing to do is download them overnight if possible (one at a time if it would take too long) This way, you know you're getting all the files needed, the latest version, and it'll just help keep files cleaner.

    Of course, if you have the installers still on your powerbook, you could copy those and update later.

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