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    will deleting applications clog of registry?
    Hello, i know on a windows xp system, that if u delete files improperly, the windows registry can become clogged up or get corrupted.

    In mac osx, if i want to delte an application, do i just go the application menu, and drag it to the trash? Or is there a more complete way of uninstalling an application?

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    That's the beautiful thing about OSX, no registry to get buggered and bogged down. Just drag it to the trash and you're done!!!

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    There is no regsitry, but there IS a Library folder. This folder holds preferences and other stuff for apps that don't get cleaned out when uninstalling by just trashing an App. This won't really bog the system down, as these files are no more than a few kilobytes, but I like to keep my mac clean, so I use Appzapperto uninstall applications.
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    If you don't like AppZapper, search the files(try the name of the App) in Spotlight and delete from there.

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    I use CleanApp (Shareware $10)... I REALLY like it, it has a ton of features.

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