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    Printing to OS9 USB shared printer?
    Hello. I have a Canon i9100 printer to use in a lab running mostly OS9.2.2 (fro another 9-12 months). I have had it for three weeks and I just can't get it hooked up correctly.

    The printer is hooked up currently to an OS9 station, where USB print sharing is on and the Canon sharing Server software is installed. The other OS 9 stations can see the printer on the network. But I can not get the OS10 stations (my laptop, the server and one other OS 10 test station) to see the print.

    Am I doing something wrong or is it just not possible to print from OS 10 to a USB shared printer on OS9? If I hook the printer up to a OS 10 station, will the OS 9 stations be able to print to it? Should I hook the printer up directly to the server?

    One other question about this printer. I have to keep the directly connected computer logged into to the server. If it is logged out, the other computers can not print to it because the server status is interupted. So essentially, I have to have locked out a computer from students use.

    Should I consider hooking the printer directly up to the server? I guess this partly depends on the question above about OS9 stations seeing a OS 10 shared printer. My big concern would be putting/installing anything on the server that could cause it to crash.

    Thanks for any feedback!


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    We have a mixed network wiht PC's, Linux, and os 9.21 and 9.2.2. I have the printer wiredvia usb PORT 1 (on the imac, not the keyboard port) and then connect the laptop via airport. (the pc's print to their own printer, the mac is on the network via the pc hub is all.) didn't have a problem printing wirelessly. can you set the network up with airport?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mothgirl
    We have a mixed network wiht PC's, Linux, and os 9.21 and 9.2.2. ...can you set the network up with airport?
    Thanks for the reply. Actually, I am at a different campus now, with an i9900, with the same similar problem. I have the printer hooked up to a machine that is dual boatable. If I am in OS9, then the OS9 machines can see the printer. If I am in OS10, then OS10 machines can see it. But I can not get the machine to share to the OS9 machines when booted under OS10, even if I go to the Chooser for OS9 under os10.

    As far as my laptop goes, I am sitting next to the printer now, so it is not as big of a deal.

    Thanks for any feedback.


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