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Thread: boot problem on mac book

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    Unhappy boot problem on mac book

    I have a wierd problem with my mac. I bought a new macbook about 10 days ago. I was as happy as i could be, with it. I dual booted it with bootcamp , i was simply loving it. suddenly yesterday when i was browsing the net, safari crashes, firefox crashes and adium crashes. I restarted the system hoping that everything would go well after reboot. The system does not reboot, it stays on the apple boot screen for ever. I tried to reboot onto windows but in vain. i tried the disk utility from the install disk, the disk utility says "unable to verify the harddisk, invalid key length" . the disk repair also stalls saying the same thing, can anyone help me about this i have no clue about what to do now.

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    It may be the hard drive and the Macbook is designed to make a swap-out easy. If you know someone with another Macbook, you could swap the hard drives to determine if the computer is ok. First thing you should do is call Apple and have them advise you on what to do.
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    After doing bootcamp on my mac book I had nothing but problems. THen i wiped it clean with just 10.4 - then i updated to 10.4.8 and had other problems like file permissions, slowness in programs loading, etc. So I wiped it clean again, but only updated to 10.4.7. It works fine now, but it seems to be sluggish still, as if the 10.4.8 did some firmware updates and is affecting parts of the computer. I don't know what to do now.
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