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    Need help installing
    I have a the old White and Blue g3 mac that has a 300 processor, 512k memory, and a 6 gig HD. At the moment it is running mac OS 9.2 and I want to upgrade it to OS X 10.4. This is my first mac and it was given to me by a friend. What do I need to do to install OS X on it and run it. I also have a 20 gig HD that I want to use that has nothing on it. I am such a windows and PC junkie and such a noob at mac, so I am pleading for help. Any help would be greatful.

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    If you install the 20GB hard disk, then I think all you need to do is boot while holding down the C key with the disk in the drive. You might need to patch the firmware though - you'll need to use your OS 9 install to do that. Check on the Apple support page for your machine.

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    The firmware may be the problem. Cause when I do hold down the C button it basically just sits there with a grey screen and does nothing.

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    Ok I updated the firmware via the instal pkg from and it didnt take long at all, tho every thing I read said it would takes hours. It didnt even ask to restart. When I pressed and held 'C' It went to a grey screne and nothing happened. When I tried to run the install via the OS 9.2 it just told me unable to locate startup disk.

    What did I do wrong?

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