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    Incredibly weird start up
    Wonder if anyone has seen anything like this. When I start up my machine, I am getting this very strange shaking quality to the screen image...the apple icon looks like it's on the back of a very beat up truck on a really bad road. It's shaking like addition, the screen has a lot of gray lines that recall a really bad old b/w television. sometimes the desktop will finally load normally, and other times i get a full screen of a weird cross hatch pattern and I have to shut down and start over...
    any thoughts on this would be much appreciated,

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    One of the old eMacs in one of the labs at my college does the same thing. Because they are eMacs I guess they don't care about getting it fixed. Wish they would and then I could probably give you help. But it is something wrong with the monitor...can't really pinpoint the problem though.

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    You may want to check the video card.

    Run the hardware test included on the install disks.
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