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    Samba-SIGTERM: going down...error
    We have a mac XServe server running OSX 10.4.7. It's primary use is as
    a file server. Every so often (randomly), the windows XP Pro computers
    on the network will stop connecting to the server. I will go to the
    logs and look and I always notice in the "Windows Name Service Log"
    (/var/log/samba/log.nmbd) a message that says [example below]:
    Got SIGTERM: going down...

    If I stop the Windows service and then start it again, the file server
    works again with no problems (at least temporarily).

    I am pretty sure this is the point when SAMBA has a problem, but Is
    there more info that I can provide to help with troubleshooting this?

    Area of Server Admin module that I am talking about: WINDOWS.

    Thank you.

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    It appears that the netbios naming daemon (nmbd) is actually being killed by something else. A SIGTERM is sent when a process it told to halt, as opposed to SIGSEGV which would occur if the software crashed with a segmentation fault, or SIGKILL if the process was forcibly brought down.

    Try increasing the log level and see if anything immediately precedes the nmbd termination in any of the Samba log files. It may not be the nmbd log file itself that actually provides the clue as to what is causing this termination to happen.

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