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    Which OS X for a G4?
    Hi guys

    Once again I need a little advice. I have just purchased my first MAC G4 mirror 876Mhz Duel processor and 1 GB ram with Panther 10.3.9 OS X The problem I have is this machine came without any install disks. I would therefore like to know which operating system I need, as I've been watching some on eBay which go for around £50 to £70 obviously depending on 9.0 or 10.3 etc.

    Now I have read quite a few posts on here and there does seem to be some issues with G4's and their operating system. With some people saying you need to install 9.2 and then use an update disk to get to 10.3.9 I would therefore Iíd like some clarification as to just what is Iíll need as Iím still a little unsure. Could I buy Tiger 10.4 from apple and install it straight to my machine????

    Also could someone point me in the direction of a tutorial or anything on how to Format your hard drive and do a clean install I can do it on a Windows machine with my eyes shut but with a Mac I little lost

    Many Thanks in Advance
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    You should be able to install straight from the OS X CDs. I installed 10.2 onto a PowerMac G4 last week straight from the original media and it worked fine. I also grabbed a copy of 10.4 off ebay for it for £20 (about $39).

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