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Thread: My desktop is locked... or something.

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    My desktop is locked... or something.
    I can't modify my desktop. I can't add a new folder or bring anything onto it. When I try to do this it tells me I don't have sufficient privileges to do this, and that the desktop cannot be modified. I am on the master login and there is no other login at all. This is also effecting my internet downloads. I now cannot download ANYTHING AT ALL. No dashboard widgets, no psds or anything. Please help because I'm about to kill myself.

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    right click the desktop and click get info, to go the bottom and expand Ownership & Permissions. Make sure it says You can Read & Write. Expand details and make sure it says Owner, your username, access read & write. Hope this fixes it, this happened to me once.

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    has it alwas been like this?

    check your user account information and make sure you have the privleges to alter things like this.
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    Could this be an Apple Remote Desktop issue?

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