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Thread: sometimes the left mouse button brings up contextual menu?

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    sometimes the left mouse button brings up contextual menu?
    After i've been typing a while, and i click the left button on my mouse in text edit, the contextual menu always pops up. Ordinairly the contextual menu is only supposed to pop up when I "right click" my mouse.

    I must be accidently hitting something on the keyboard that makes the contextual menu popup when i left mouse click (and it still pops up on the right button as well)..........anybody know whats causing this?

    I usually have to restart to set the mouse buttons back to normal: (only right mouse button brings up the contextual menu "cut, copy, past , etc")

    I don't have any viruse's or anything like that. I'm on OSX 10.4

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    Do you have a Mighty Mouse?

    You may be accidentally hitting CTRL, which turns left clicks into right clicks (technically).
    I try to Command+Shift+/ when I can.
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    I too have experienced this more than once on my Powerbook using a Logitech mouse. I corrected it by using the touchpad button for a few clicks and then the mouse was ok. I think it occured after wake-up from sleep mode.
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    this has happened to me in windows on occasion...never in osx because i only have one button. but my solution was usually to click all buttons on mouse like mad until it realized it was working incorrectly. it is/was a weird fix, but always worked in about 3 seconds
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    One theory (I say theory because I have never experienced nor tried it in OSX) is that in the older versions of Mac OS (pre X), when you clicked and held the mouse button, it brought up the contextual menu. This was how Mac dealt with the "right-click" that Windows users rely on so heavily. Why use two buttons when you can do it with one? :black:

    It could be that your mouse might be read incorrectly as a one-button for some reason and therefore bringing up the menu.
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