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    Mounting folders and saving documents
    Hi again,

    Have had the mac for half a day and already finding this forum to be great help.

    A couple of things I cant seem to find answers to though.

    1. When creating access to a shared folder on XP, the folder is mounted on to the OS X desktop. Is there a way I can mount the shared folder somwhere else? When I try to move it, either an alias is created or the folder seems to get deleted

    2. When I open a document or PDF from within Firefox it saves a copy of the document to the desktop before opening it. Is this tempory? and if not how do I tell I make it tempory or set it save the document elswhere? This seems to be seperate from normal downloads, which save in the location I specified with no problems.

    Thanks very much

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    1- Mount the network share. Create an alias using cmd+L. Copy the alias to a desired location. In Finder Preferences uncheck connected servers. Drag the alias to the dock or the side pane of a finder window. Just click the alias to remount the share after rebooting or unmounting.

    2- Sounds like FireFox's download folder is the Desktop. Change it in the preferences.

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    Thanks, the network share works great

    But like I said, my Downloads folder was set to a downloads folder I created, although is now set to ask.

    But when I click on a link to a document of somesort, then select open rather than save, a copy of the document is saved to the desktop and isnt removed when I close the document.


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