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Thread: deleted a .log file and now I get a blinking ? on startup. PLEASE HELP

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    deleted a .log file and now I get a blinking ? on startup. PLEASE HELP
    I was cleaning out unused files and found that there was a 8GB file in my Library>Logs>CrashReport folder called veohd.crash.log,(Veohd is a video program which I have never had on my system, so that is confusing)

    and figured that this was a file that included random crash logs, so i put it to the trash, and everything was fine, so to gain the Hd space i needed i emptied the trash. when i later restared i got a screen with a folder blinking a "?" and would not boot up.

    I guess this is an error when there is no OS to boot up.

    Can someone explain to me what I did ( i know i'm an idiot, so don't rub that in..haha) and how to possibly fix this.

    I haven't tried reinstalling OSX, becuase i don't know if that will erase all that i have on my hd now.

    Thank you for any help.

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    Methinks it is time for an Archive and Install - installation of OS X. If you do not know what that is, run a search for it. You'll find what you need to know.

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    Before you resort to reinstalling anything, boot from your install media.
    Then run a disk repair from Disk Utility.
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