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    Re-installing OSX
    I've had my macbook pro for a few months now, been using it for a lot of my work which now means its jam packed of programs and files i no longer need now my computer at work is sorted. I'm pretty new to macs, so i wanted to know how easy it is to format the hard drive and re-install OSX? Is it advisable and is it as easy as formatting a PC?


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    Mac is not like windows so you don't really have to reinstall but I know what you mean and it is nice to start clean. First back-up your home directory. You can restore your mail this way as well as other things like address book. Then reboot with the restore CD and hold the C key while booting. The CD has Disk Utility on it so I usally erase Macintosh HD first but I think you can also do an "erase and install".
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    Yeah, there is absolutely no need to reinstall the OS.
    Just delete the apps and files you don't need anymore and you will be fine.
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    Well i used my Osx installation disks and that worked just fine. i had cocktails but i was still having permission issues which is one of the other reasons i reinstalled. I now have a lovely clean mac book pro.
    Oh the joy, its just like the morning i opened that wonderful box. :mac:

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