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    10.4.8 updating problems
    Im a relative noob when it comes to OSX, but ive been playing with it for a couple of weeks.

    When ive come to update from 10.4.7 to 10.4.8 today something went wrong (im not sure what) but it decided to abort the update mid progress which has spannerd things up a bit with the operating system.

    Now i cant mount .dmg files or .iso's and quite a few apps are refusing to run.

    Has anybody come across this problem ?

    Ive got hold of the combo update, but its little use to me as i cant mount .dmg files. i've tried converting it to an iso but i cant mount it to burn it off.

    If i go back into the updater it tells me there are no new updates (so it must think that it completed 10.4.8 sucessfully) so i cant redo the update. Is there any way of forcing it to do the update again ? Or is there anyway i can get hold of the update in a format i dont have to mount ?

    Any help would be greatly recieved!


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    Try these:

    1. rebooting
    2. repairing permissions
    3. start up from install media and run a Disk Repair

    Then after you have tried those, you can try to reinstall the update.
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    Also you should follow the very helpful links in DB's signature....

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    Many thanks for your help guys.

    I fixed it in the end by converting the .dmg to .iso and transfering it over my network to a working computer where i burnt it to cd which i was able to install from.

    All is working well again!

    Cheers Rich

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