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    Shutdown problem
    This is my first Mac problem! No matter which way I attempt to shutdown--control-eject or Apple menu, the machine does not shut down. I therefore close all apps and turn it off with my master power button (this button shuts down all power to system). This method does not seem to cause any harm, but I hope someone may know a fix for this situation.

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    Start the AppleScript Script Editor in the Applications folder and type or paste this into a blank:

    tell application "finder"
    shut down
    end tell

    Save it to the desktop by going to the File menu to Save As. Give it a name Shut Down click on the drop down at File Format, choose Application and click on Save or hit return.

    If the script shuts the machine down when you double-click it, it will buy you some time until you find out why the real shut down command doesn't work.

    If restart doesn't work, either, write another script, but change shut down to restart.

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