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    OS X Tiger and iBook G3 help!
    I just bought an old iBook G3 off a friend, which has been wiped clean. Absolutely nothing on this machine.
    I inserted my OSX Tiger cd that I got with my iMac G5 into the iBook and received a message on screen saying:


    This software cannot be installed on this computer. "

    Can anyone tell me how to get around this, or what OS version that is capable of running on my iBook.


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    Tiger isn't capable of running on any machine without Firewire. If you don't have Firewire, you can't install Tiger. (Unless you use xPostFacto, but that's more $$).

    OS 10.3.9 is, in my opinion, the most solid OS X platform so far and will run on an iBook G3. You could pick it up on eBay for pretty cheap.
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    Champion. Thanks for the tip!!

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    I was reading somewhere that there was a way to bypass this? Myabe do a search on it. As best as I can need another apple (that has firewire) and need to hook the lappy up to that computer.

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