Hopefully this is considered an OK forum to post this in, I did not see anything else that made more sense. I have KPC650 with what I beleive is the most up to date version of the VZAccess Manager 2.3.0 Build 1364 for Macs. My problem is that when I work remotely and utilize my companies VPN it will not connect. When I am at home and make an internet connection wirelessly with my router, which is connected to bellsouth dsl, I can connect via VPN no problem - but when I am connected to the internet using only the Verizon card I obviously can get internet no problem but cannot connect via VPN to work. I am using the Nortel Networks Apani Contivity VPN Client v3.4 , which is also the most up to date version. I use the exact same connection profile in the VPN app that I use when connected thru bellsouth ( same password, ip, etc... ). The company help desk cannot figure it out, of course their not Mac people either which doesn't help, but theysaid when I am connected via the Verizon card and I attempt the VPN connection they do not even see me pinging, although the error message I get is that "Login requested but not completed... Please try again." It seems to point at something in the VZAccess Manager, or thru Verizon itself, but I also tried by connecting straight from Network in the System Preferences, which I can connect successfully to the internet using the Verizon card without using their Manager software but I still have the same problem connecting with the VPN. Any have any ideas ? Thanks.