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    OSX not on a mac?
    Hey, im new to the forums and not too computer intelligent when it comes to hardware and such, but being a hardcore gamer, apple machines always leave me wanting a little bit more, and now since the new OS can run on intel chipsets, is it possible to load OSX on a computer that was previously windows based (for example, a dell or an alienware computer with intel core duo processors?)

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    No...Mac OS X runs on mac and windows runs on mac but OS X doesn't work on non-mac computers

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    Quote Originally Posted by sursuciofla
    No...Mac OS X runs on mac and windows runs on mac but OS X doesn't work on non-mac computers
    He said it all except one thing: It is illegal to put it on a non mac computer as well, because only pirated versions can do this.
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    Yep. Can't put Mac OS on a non Mac system.
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