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    files from windows to mac
    As you may or not know, I'm completely new to Macs, with mine arriving in a few days.

    I am downloading programs on Windows that I use to save time downloading them on my Mac.

    They are downloading as *.dmg files - will it be ok to write to a cd then install from that on my iMac?

    I use Filezilla (Which you may or may not have heard of) as my FTP program - Which is the best free FTP Client to use on a Mac, or does anyone know if this program is available for a Mac?


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    Here's a tut I wrote for Disk Images (.dmg). It will explain what a .dmg is.

    Macs don't use anything like .exe on Windows. All apps end in .app and are completely self contained, that is, no installation other than dragging it to your apps folder.

    You should be able to download a .dmg on your Windows and bring it to your Mac.

    Cyberduck is a great free alternative for FTP.
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    Brilliant - many thankssurfwax

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