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    Question Help Needed!!!!!
    Hi....i am enquirying as i am really stuck and need help....which would be much appreciated. Please could someone answer the following questions:

    1) I currently have a G3 mac (about 5-6 yrs old) - I currently run on operating system 8.6 - if i was to buy and upgrade to operating system 10/x, would i have to re-buy quark express....photoshop....illustrator etc, or would the old ones run on the new operating system???

    2) As mentioned above...Im currently on 8.6...i use AOL for my internet (dial up)..and i'm experiancing a problem. I can view my email after signing in, however whenever i enter a web address into either AOL's browser or internet explorer i get the following error message:
    TCP/IP not congigured

    Problem is, that file is corrupted so I cant open it on my Apple menu to set up the options. I'm unsure where I can get a new TCP/IP control panel from??????

    Sorry if i haven't given enough info....but i am a basic user and use my mac mainly for graphic design.

    Many thanks

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    You would need to buy the upgrades. The new versions won't run on 8.6, or 9.2.2, either.

    System X was barely useable on my old blue-and-white G3 350. I couldn't imagine using it to run QuarkXpress. If you have a beige G3, it would be even slower, if it would run at all. You'd need a ton more RAM, too.

    I run QuarkXpress 4.11 on a System 9 partition in my G4 dual-processor. I boot into System 9 to use it. I won't use the System 9 emulator (Classic) in OS X to run Quark in System 9 because it's simply awful doing so, even with a Classic Quark extension that's supposed to fix the faulty page redraws.

    Running QuarkXpress on a G3 with System X, especially after spending all that money for Quark and Illustrator upgrades (and possibly others), OS X Tiger as well as more RAM would be a colossal waste. Don't even consider it.

    Regarding the TCP/IP problem, do you have the original system disks or a backup of any sort? If so, drag the backup copy, or the original TCP/IP from the original system disks into the Control Panels folder or the closed System folder.

    If you have the original system disks, you may have to install the system again. You can do so without erasing the old one, then drag the TCP control panel into the old system, and trash the system you just installed.

    If you can't reinstall the system without destroying the old one, duplicate the System folder and compress the duplicate with Stuffit. After the system is installed again, decompress the old System folder, drag the TCP control panel from the new one into it, and trash the new system. Then restart the machine and empty the trash.

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    many thanks for your reply....going to have to start saving up and get a new one!!!!!

    that worked as well for the internet - thanks ever so much!!!


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