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    computer needs to restart?
    Hi, I have an ibook G3 (late 2001) I recently added 512MB ram for a total of 576MB. My computer was definitely running a lot better, but something odd has started happening, when the computer has been running for about 30-40 mminutes, a black box appears in the center of the screen saying that the computer needs to be restarted and that I should hold down the power button. This is crippling! Any ideas on what is going on?

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    Have you tried cleaning out your temp files? I was getting that error on my machine for a bit... I cleaned out all of my temps and the issue was resolved. Turns out that OS X is built of Unix, and Unix cleans its own temps out between the hours of 3am-5am. However, most of us don't leave our computers on at night and this clean up process does not get done. You can invoke it manually by going to the following link:

    The other links are very helpful too. Good luck and let me know how you make out.

    Also it may be that your machine is getting to you have a lappy or desktop?

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    Hi, thanks for your advice. I went to and followed some of their advice. Specifically, I did a safe boot, and I repaired disk permission and since then I haven't had any problems, thanks again!

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    your problem is a kernel panic caused by bad ram, take the ram out and send it back, get it replaced with a different chip.
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    Yeah, I've seen that kernel panic message before. For some reason though, the "needs to restart" message has stopped appearing. Is it possible for the problem to disappear or is it a ticking time-bomb?

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