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Mactimewarp 09-20-2006 02:03 PM

Apple Technician Training & Leopard - seeking advice
Hi there
For ages, I have been meaning to go for the Apple technician training as I would someday like to work with Macs all the time. I figure the training will give me a good grounding in the OS and help me toward taking each of their exams for Certification (desktop, OS and laptop - i think those are the three). Now I have saved up I can afford to go for this, but I am a bit hesitant...
Here's the thing: I know Leopard is coming out soon, so do I wait until then before parting with my cash? Or do I just get on with it? Does anyone have any expereince of this?

It may not make any difference, but just wanted to get some opinion on this.

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MacsWork 09-20-2006 07:41 PM

Apple will not come out with a Leopard test right after the OS launch. If you test now the test will certification will expire in a year anyway. Needless to say the hardware has been intel since Jan '05 and the test still hasn't changed. They basically have a great Tech site ( that has all the resources a tech needs. The test wants you to answer specifics on certain hardware quirks and certain apple-esque troubleshooting techniques. You can pay the $299.00 for the materials but you still won't get into GSX without being part of an Apple authorized reseller/service center. On top of that you'll need to take (3) tests at $150 a pop to be an ACDT and ACPT. Working on Macs using the GSX tools is really required.

If you got $750 to drop on tests and materials, go for it now, no use in waiting for Leopard test to come out. It'll be out 6mos to a year after shipping.

Otherwise wait until you join up with a Mac shop to have them foot the bill.

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