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    I have no BSD Subsystem
    I recently bought a re-conditioned imac which came complete with Panther already installed on it. My problem is when I tried to install my Speedtouch modem for my broadband - the computer wont recognise the modem! I've since found out that this is due to the fact that my BSD subsystem is missing (as it's an optional installation element it hasn't been installed). I've tried to contact the store I bought the mac from to get them to put it on for me as I don't have the original install discs but they seem to have disappeared of the face of the earth for the past couple of weeks (they are opening a new store in Newcastle).

    So my question is this - I have the original install disc for system 10.0.3 - would it be a very bad idea to attempt to install the BSD subsystem from this disc onto a machine running system 10.3??

    Any help and suggestions would be gratefully appreciated

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    That's a really strange omission to make. Certainly installing the 10.0 BSD subsystem into 10.3 sounds like a really bad idea. According to the Apple support pages, installing the BSD subsystem requires reinstalling the whole OS, using Archive + Install to keep hold of the old one if necessary.

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    Yeah I think it's a bad idea to install the BDS subsystem from an older Mac OS system - guess I was grasping at straws there!

    I do believe though it is possible and indeed fairly straightforward to install the BSD subsystem onto your Mac OS system if it hasn't been originally installed - assuming of course you have the original installation discs. As I don't I guess I'm going to have to wait until I can get a hold of someone at the store I bought the computer from which is highly frustrating!

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