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    Invisible CD-R/DVD-R
    Whenever I try to use any blank optical media, the system doesn't see it.
    It does not appear on the Desktop or in the Finder. The SuperDrive spins up then does nothing.

    All Finder prefs are set correctly. I've tried many different brands, none show up. I've tried burning from ITunes and I get an error:
    "The disc is reserved for exclusive use by another application".

    I've tried trashing the Finder prefs .plist and the Systemprefs .plist.

    Any other ideas?

    G5 Dual 1.8, 1.25GB RAM, OS 10.3.9

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    Do any discs work in the drive, blank or otherwise?
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    Any written discs are OK. CDs and DVDs, commercial or not. It's just blanks, I've tried many brands including -RWs.


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    Go to sys pref and check under cds and dvds window. See if everything is set correct.

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    Already checked. Sys and Finder prefs are set to display CD/DVDs.

    It's that "exclusive use" thing that's got me stumped.


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    That is, the Finder is set to display and the Sys is set to "Ask what to do".
    I've also tried changing it to other options, but it doesn't seem to do anything different.

    When I "Ask what to do", the dialogue box pops up asking what to do. So I know the OS sees it. When I enter a name and hit OK, it doesn't appear on the desktop or the finder.


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    Ha, I went searching for answers but I get your posts everywhere and doesn't look like they had an answer either. Did you call Apple yet for support? So good luck and maybe it is a hardware problem.

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    Yes, this thing has been driving me nuts for a couple of weeks.
    I have also tried using an external CD-RW drive and that gave me the same result.
    So it has to be software.

    I called Apple, but I'm not quite ready to fork out the $.


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    Yeah I've been having this same problem. The computer doesn't seem to recognize my blank cds...including iTunes. It's really pissing me off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charles Darwin View Post
    Yeah I've been having this same problem. The computer doesn't seem to recognize my blank cds...including iTunes. It's really pissing me off.
    If you go to Disc Utility, can you see the disc in the left pane? Are you running Panther?

    I think this might be a Carbon issue....above my realm of capabilities....

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