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    Think spotlight, but quicker!
    so I'm a shortcut fiend. Any OS, I enjoy when I can press a series of keys, type the progarm i want, and tada, it runs.
    ex: windows I press windows key + R then type in "firefox" to run firefox, or "photoshop", etc... then enter
    ex: OS X I press super+space, type in "firefox", wait for results, press down once, then enter..

    the problem with OS X's spotlight quickrun feature is it usually gathers the list of all available applications and takes a while doing so... So I may be there looking at irrelevant items for a bit, and take me a couple sesonds for it to finally pop up the item i really want.. then go down and press enter.

    So all I want, simply, is an application where I can literally just type in a one liner and run the app. I will even create aliases in a key folder for it to grab the links from if that's needed, it should be really easy right?

    I suppose I could edit spotlight's search features to only include applications, but I do enjoy it's all-encompassing grab feature.. just not when i want to run an app asap.

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