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Thread: Mac Black and white backgrounds

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    Mac Black and white backgrounds
    So for some reason when i go to desktop/background or w.e in prefs all the default apple backgrounds come up (abstract, colors, nature) etc but when i go to the black and white folder there are no images. i remmeber i site that had all the default apple wallpapers. anyone know where i can find these black and white ones?

    thank you.

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    Have a look in the main library on your harddrive in 'Desktop pictures'. Their should be a folder Black & white, if the photos aren't in it or the folder is gone then they must have been deleted. The photo's will be somewhere on the install disk but you may have to go through the install packages with the program 'Pacifist' to find them or re-install.

    The other option is to download new desktop pictures from the internet, probably not find the same ones however. A Google search for Black and white desktop pictures may come up with something or try or

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    ok. i found it using pacifist. thank you!

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