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    Safari vs. Firefox-How to share favorites/bookmarks
    I'm a recent 'switcher' from Windows XP to OS X. Of course I have Safari now as my web browser and know Internet Explorer is no longer supported for the mac. I used IE exclusively on XP and ran into no compatibility issues. I did upgrade to the new IE 7 a few months ago and immediately one of the secure financial sites I used did not work. Well I had to downgrade back to IE 6.
    I have read reports of how something like 85% of internet users use IE, 10% or so Firefox, and around 4% Safari and I think around 1% other. Well what is the breakdown of Mac users between these two? I know that is for PC and Mac users. My concern is mainly that the browser is compatible with web sites. I have heard as well that Firefox is more compatible with IE and with it becoming big in the Windows world I would imagine the two are compatible so that may be the way to go for compatibility.
    As well, do any of these allows you to share favorites/bookmarks? What I mean is with Windows XP I was able to use a extra Microsoft program called TweakXP which would tell IE where my favorites were stored on the server in my home network. That way with any desktop I used in the house or laptop I use my favorites are all available. I know I can manually copy them between my Mac and other computers but it's nice if I can update the favorites up one machine and have them show up on the others.

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    I would be curious to know this as well. I am thinking about adding a mac to my collection of computers I love Firefox for its plugins (I am a designer and web developer so there are lots of nice addons that I use all the time.) I think personally I would only use Safari for testing purposes.

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