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    WTH -- Virus or what?
    Hi All,

    Norton on my Apple X.4.7 keeps popping up the dialog below. I have search the system for the file in question, but can not find it. Norton version is 10.1.1 (002).

    Any Ideas?


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    No Clue..

    but i think a better question is.. why do you have norton?
    Many have complained that it does more bad that it does good (especially since mac's currently don't have viruses). If you constantly share files with pc users then try clamxav, it shouldn't slow your computer down.

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    Hey mr Tux, how about start up terminal and do this cmd
    sudo find / -name "25984.emlx" -print
    Type in your password. What you just did is told your system to do an ENTIRE file system scan (sudo = super user access so you aren't getting permission denied checks on key directories) for a file named "25984.emlx", if it finds a result -print it out to the screen.

    This file probably has high permissions you can't remove it without root access, it *may* be a system file and isn't something you want to delete! So a better alternative to straight out removing the problem is to perhaps use chmod and ls -L
    ls -l <location of file>
    you should see an example like this
    -rw-r--r-- 1 root ZipO 45 Aug 8 21:09 Computer/example.txt
    If you can get to this point, post a reply with these details.

    If you really don't care and just want the sucker deleted, this is the course of action: Try to type
    rm <location of file>
    Replacing <location of file> with the directory printed out on find's result.
    My guess however is that the file's permissions are too high for Norton antivirus to properly "repair" it, So you will probably have to super user remove it:
     sudo rm <location of file>
    I'm not responsible if you break your system with the above commands, use them at your own risk.

    Hope it's helpful though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gunnerjoe

    Any Ideas?
    Yes... your computer is infected by Norton software. The best way to remedy this is to uninstall it ASAP. :p :black:

    Seriously, Norton is junk IMO and does more harm than good. I have heard of it giving "false reads" like the one you are experiencing, just to make it seem like it really is doing some good for your system. In reality, it does very little... except take up valuable HD space.
    If you absolutely must use an AV application, try clamxav as was already suggested.

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    Yea I search as root with the 'find' command, it does not exist.

    Norton is installed because of a work requirement

    Thanks All,

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    The best thing to do if it's a work requirement to have NAV installed, is to let the System Admin know about the alerts and then make sure you don't have personal data on your works mac, if that's possible.

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    You have an email that is infected. Empty your trash and delete the junk mail. That should fix it usually.
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    I think Schweb is correct. That is an Email and probably has a PC Virus with it.

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    Let work know that they can save a lot of money, hassles, and man hours if they remove Norton from their Macs. If they need an alternative, ClamXav is a wonderful substitue. It actually works without causing more harm than good, lightweight, and free (I suggest your company donate since it is being used for corporate use)

    We have switched our Macs to Clam here at the College and everyone from admin to end users have been delighted.

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