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    Proper way to delete user accounts?
    I'm just coming from a windows computer and I'm wondering if there is a Proper way to delete some user accounts on my mac?

    Is it as easy as just dragging the folder of their user account to the trash bin? I want to get rid of all the accounts except mine.

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    1. From the Apple menu, select System Preferences... .

    2. Select Accounts.

    3. Select the name of the user you wish to delete, under the list of accounts, click - (the minus sign).

    4. The files and directories will be moved to the /Users/Deleted Users/ folder; you may retrieve them from there and delete them or move them to your own account if you wish.

    5. Click Delete or OK to complete the deletion of the user account. To delete the account without saving the user's files and directories, click Delete Immediately.
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    Deleting a user account
    I am also trying to do this. The (-) sign to delete the account is greyed out. The lock at the bottom is unlocked and it clearly shows that I have the admin rights on the account. How can I get it to let me delete it...will it not let you delete the admin account? Thanks so much if someone can help me!

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    if you are going to delete and admin acount you need to set another account as admin.

    Set your account as admin and then delete the other one.

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    Deleting user
    I m the main administrator on my imac. I have an account for my partner and also a guest account which was being used very briefly by a friend which I now want to delete. When I go to "system preferences" I only have the option to delete my partners account but not the guest??? Does anybody have a suggestion how to go forward!

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    If you're talking about the default Guest account, you can't delete it. You can only enable or disable it and that is done from the menu inside the Guest account. You'll need to click on the lock at the bottom to unlock it to get access to it.
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    Proper way to erase a user
    Hi. I am trying to erase an old admin account and although the lock is unlocked and I have a new admin account the minus (-) appears grey as well as the user that I want to erase. Please help me!

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    Which account are you loafed into when you try this? If you are in the old account try logging into the other one first and delete the old account from there.
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    Yes, I was on my new account and still the old one is grey.

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