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Adam 09-03-2006 04:37 AM

Automating program launch

I'm new to Macs (loving them btw) and I'm not sure how to automate the lauchng of a program.

I have an FTP server backing up some sites but I only want the server software to load when the auto backups are scheduled. I've taken a look at Automater but not sure what to do. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I'm also looking to write a script that will moved the dowloaded files into a directory depending on the site backed up. Also no idea where to start!

Thanks for your help!

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NanoBite 09-03-2006 06:09 AM

Hi Adam!

This is an introductory video:

Adam 09-03-2006 09:28 AM


Originally Posted by Pulse-8
Hi Adam!

This is an introductory video:

cool thanks - reckon I will be able to sort out moving the files - think it will be better do use applescript when I have worked that out!

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