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    Syncing between desktop and notebook
    I have a question about syncing. I'm converting to Mac and will be getting both a desktop (imac) and a macbook pro notebook. My question is how easy is it to sync between the two for on the go. What I mean is I will store all data on the imac (office files, emails, etc) and would love it to keep it in sync with my notebook, of course full-time would be nice but even if I can select sync before going out of the door to make sure all my data is copied. Is this possible on a Mac? On a Windows PC it can be done but is very complicated.

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    I don't have 1st hand experience with syncing but these may be of use:

    The 1st is Apple's .mac account which you pay for.There is also a 3rd party app called ChronoSync which has an evaluation period.

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    Yep, .mac makes syncing multiple machines a breeze.

    It can do it automatically in the background without you having to even think about it.

    It will sync address books, calendars, emails & mail rules & account settings, bookmarks and passwords. It also lets you access your contacts and calendars online.

    Downside? 99$ a year including 1GB of web hosting space and a .mac email address.

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    Syncing to external drives
    Thanks for the input re Chronosync I am a Mac Convert and was using synctoy a lot with windows but was dumbfounded on what to use with the Mac until I read your comments.

    Great product, I bought just today and have now "backedup" or synced all
    of my memory sticks and external hard drive.


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