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    Hope you don't mind me contacting, but figured you would be the only one that could offer sound realistic advice.

    I'm still operating Mac OS 9.2.2 on my iMac Power PC G3 400MHz, but as this is slowly going by the wayside was wondering if it was possible to install Mac OSX also on my computer, and could I operate both systems by switching between the two.

    In this way I would still be able to use some of my old programme software etc. but also have the added advantage of OSX, I would be very very grateful for any advice on this issue.

    Kindest Regards.

    William Marshall

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    Hi William, I merged your threads as you'd posted the same question twice (perhaps accidentally?) , which is against forum policy.

    As to your question, yes you can install both operating systems and switch between the two.

    I recently upgraded a Powerbook with 9.2.2. installed to 10.4 and it was still possible to boot into OS 9.

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