Hello all,

I just got my 12" 1.5GHz PB G4 a few months ago, and have noticed a little problem that seems to occur every few weeks or so. It appears that Dashboard just randomly hangs. When this happens, I can still Apple-Tab to other applications and quit them, but that dashboard just won't go away. The first few times it happened, I had just left my computer to get a drink or whatever, came back, and it was hung. This last time, I was "managing my widgets", and then it hung, and I couldn't move them, nor get them to go away. Any ideas?

I am using 10.4.7 with all of the updates, and I have 1.25G of RAM. I did download some 3rd party widgets, could these be the cause? I think I have iStat Pro 3.0, Widget Update, and NewsReader 1.1.1 running and a few others installed. Are there any widgets that are known to hang?