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Thread: need help on licence for tiger family

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    need help on licence for tiger family
    Hi folks, I need some advice. I have posted this before but have a differnt approach on things. Here is the just of it, i have been selling clamshells for a long time now and i have a guy that wants to buy 15 of them he wants tiger installed on them as well. He is a teacher and is going to use them in the school, he is doing this on his own. My question is can i install Tiger Family Pack on them? they will be used in a non-commercial place like the website says. I just don't want any trouble and i'm a very honest person ( my momma made me that way) any and all help would be appreciated. thanks in advance.

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    Closer than you think.
    Install OSX Family Pack on up to five Apple computers in your household. NOT to be used for school deployment. This product is strictly for consumer use and cannot be sold to academic institutions as a substitute for academic licensing. seen at this link

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    Strictly speaking that's true.

    But then again it's illegal to lend anyone a DVD or show it in a public environment such as a school classroom, and I bet your friend's done that :dive:

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