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    "Desktop Cannot Be Modified"...WHAT DID I DO????
    Ok, I was sitting in Biology class and I was deleting some extra junk on my HD that I didn't need. I just got this MBP about a month ago. I somehow put my "Desktop" folder from the HD in the trash, emptied the trash, and all of a sudden, all of my Desktop icons are gone and I cannot add anything to the desktop. I still have a folder in my HD called desktop, because when the "Desktop" folder was in the trash, I tried to drag it out, but it only copied it and still kept a copy in the trash for some reason. I have all my programs that were on my "Desktop" and they work properly if I access them from the HD, Applications file. Now when I try to drag my Safari program from HD to Desktop, it sais "Safari cannot be moved, because desktop cannot be moddified"....WHAT DID I DO???? I restored permissions on my HD and that didn't work. I went to Finder, then Preferences, Sidebar, I re-checked Desktop and click out. I then go to the HD, and on the sidebar, there is NO desktop, and if I go back to Finder, Preferences, Sidebar, the Destop box is un-checked again. I am at a loss here and I realize I am a moron for not paying attention in class and messing with this. Please excuse my stupidity as I am preparing for the worst here.....3rd Party Data Recovery. I sure hope not!

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    Just create a new user account and be careful when you delete things
    Don't forget to use the new User Reputation System

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    Sounds like the easiest Plan!

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    OK....I created a new user account, logged out of my old user account, logged into my new one. I then logged out of the new one and back into the old one and it was like nothing even happened, all my desktop icons were there and everything is as good as new. So i deleted the account i just created (dont need/want it). So everything seems ok. Thanks for the replies!

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    When you logged out of the old account and back in, the desktop folder was recreated for as you logged in.
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    i figured thats what happened after it took place....another reason why i LOVE my new mac!!!!

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