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    built in backup software?
    I was talking to a Best Buy clerk today about external harddrives. I was lamenting the fact that most externals come with backup software (especially one-touch) that only works with windows, and he seemed to think that OSX Tiger had built in backup software. I've looked through Mac help and haven't found anything.
    Does anyone know anything about any sort of built in backup software that would work with your average external?
    If not, does anyone know of an affordable, reliable external with mac-compatable backup software?

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    Well, you can create a backup disc image of your boot or other drive with Disc utility. I've never done so though. There is always simple drag and drop.

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    Leopard (the upcoming release of OS X) is advertising something called Time Machine which facilitates backups in a number of ways, one of them being to an external drive as you described.

    Unfortunately, it's only coming out next Spring

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    He might mean Backup which you get with .mac.

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