Hello all,

I just bought a new macbook pro (2.0 GHz, 80gb HD, 512 MB RAM) to replace my 12-inch g4 power book. I immediately used migration assistant to transfer my files and settings from the old power book to my new macbook and all seemed well.
However, it now seems like the OS isn't running as fast as it should be. I get a lot of beach balls and wristwatches and programs sometimes run with a lag and may or may not take a long time to quit. Even Front Row doesn't seem to run properly. Sometimes it just stalls and I have to wait several minutes to return to the main menu and/or exit the program.
Is it the case that I just had really high expectations or could it be in addition to transferring my valued files/settings from the powerbook my macbook pro inherited some excess junk? The powerbook was used for about a 4 month period and I did delete a major amount of files because using Migration assistant but I'm wondering if anyone has tips on trying to fix this problem if at all it's something that can be taken care of.