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    Exclamation Os X keeps crashing on me
    Hey guys, so well ive got a Power Mac G4 which works pretty good for me. But recentley, the past few days it has been crashing on me about 20+ times. I have the installation disk, and i was thinking that i should maybe re-install os x and it should fix the problem. Everytime i go on azureus and firefox together, it crashes. or just firfox/safari. But maybe there is something else i should do before? because i want to keep all my data. Maybe i have a virus on my mac or something, im not sure. But if anyone can help me out on what i can do to fix this problem, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again guys!

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    Boot from the OSX CD/DVD about 3 or 4 screens in there will be an options button, click it and select Archive and Install. This will put a new OSX system on your machine while preserving all of your files and settings. When it's done, all of your stuff will still be there as before and the old system will be renamed "Old System".

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    Agreed with Baggss. Do all Baggss says and if you still have issues it could be maybe bad RAM. Try the Archive and Install first.

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