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    Macbook Sound Driver Question
    I wanted to see if it is possible to install some other Unix sound drivers that would play all audio on the Macbook and replace the driver that the computer comes with?

    I want to do this because I believe that he Mac OS X sound driver on the Macbook limits the volume output level. You can only begin to hear anything when you are at the 50% level sound volume and pretty much have to turn it up all the way for best sound --- thats with external speakers or headphones (not internal speakers).

    I searched the web and many other people complain about this. Seems like Apple is limiting the sound output. I installed Windows XP using Bootcamp and the sound was much louder (even at lower levels) than it was when running MacOSX on the same the sound chip is capable but the OSX drivers are not letting it produce volume beyond a certain level.

    How do I find out what sound drivers are currently in use?
    Is there a way to replace the default sound driver with another that will work better with the current hardware?


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    Same problem bro......In your mac can you see what is the name of the sound driver installed....?

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