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    How do I use my Mac with Windows XP Server drive?
    I have a Windows XP based home network. I have a home based business but am going to be switching to 50% mac soon, maybe someday completely Mac. The problem is the Windows XP main server has most of the documents we'll use, media, office files, etc. and it would work best if we can still use that as the server with the macs.
    Well the only thing I've run into is it appears Tiger only reads NTFS, not writes it. I don't want to switch to Fat32, partially for security reasons but mainly for how Fat32 handles space and as well only works on smaller drives than we have.
    Well in some cases it's fine that I can only read NTFS files but many times I'll have to create and modify them. How do others get around this? Like I said I won't convert to fat32. I have heard of MacDrive but don't know much about that. Is it possible for me to read these files into the Mac, then modify them and save them on the mac and at that point move them over to the XP drive? I assume at that point though I'd have to use a flashdrive and can't even copy them over to the XP Machine using the XP and viewing the mac's drive. I am just curious how others get around this problem.
    One last question, any chance Leopard will include NTFS writing and modifying?

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    I've attached a PDF guide for your review. It worked pretty well for me and I have two pc laptops and an iMac G5 all networked together with remote printing.
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