Hey guys,

I have run into a problem with my Mac Mini (G4), or more specifically Tiger.

I bought a Samsung 940BW (19"w TFT) a few days ago, plugged it in via DVI all was well until I popped open iTunes and noticed that the blue coloured alternate lines are very VERY pale. Thinking it might just be a problem with iTunes I tried NetNewsWire and AdiumX, nope same problem.

Changing the highlight colour in the Sys Prefs doesn't make a difference, with a bit more checking it happens with every colour which is pretty close to white, including on websites like this one and any time a pale colour is meant to be displayed.

After some googling there were some people who had, what seems like, a similar problem and a reinstall fixed it. Rather than diving into a reinstall I created a test account, what d'ya know it works fine. Right up until I went into the Displays colour profiles and tried changing it around and every time I changed to what should be this displays native profile the pale colours go to pot. Unfortunately changing the colour profile in my normal account doesn't help, login, reboots with the changed colour profile lead to no change.

So I am now wondering, does anyone know a solution so I can avoid trying to move my mail and all that crap over to a new user account or if not will I need to reinstall any apps (bar system extensions obviously)?

Many thanks,