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    Software update doesn't seem to work
    I'm a switcher and am enjoying my new iBook. I am currently using OS X 10.3.
    I clicked on software update in the Apple menu and it checks for updates. I get presented with a screen that says "New software is available for your computer". Unfortunately, no software appears in the list and the continue button is greyed out. What am I doing wrong here?

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    Just an idea…
    Have you told Software Update to ignore a specific component (such as iPod)?
    If yes, maybe the update is pointing to it.

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    no, its weird, i just started getting that too!!!!

    what i do is... click the apple and click on 'about this mac', then once you get the little screen telling you its OSX 10.3, there should be a little button on there for software update. if you use that it should work, it does on mine.

    weird one that

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    do I see apple has an OS issue!? OMG!! IT'S NOT TRUE!!!

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