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Thread: Upgrade from 10.2.4 to 10.3??

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    Upgrade from 10.2.4 to 10.3??
    Hi, I have an iBook G3 with 10.2.4 on it. I want to upgrade it to 10.3 so that I can connect it wireless with DWL-G122 adapter. How can I go about this, can I download something from apple or do I have to buy something?

    Please, any advise is appreciated.

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    Mac OSX 10.3 is called Panther. You have 10.2 Jaguar. Panther is a newer version of OSX. You will have to buy it, but since it's now a couple of years old or more, you will have to find it used. I would suggest Ebay. I have seen Boxed 10.3 Panther OSX's for under $50.

    Hope that helps. It will install and upgrade your Jaguar to Panther.

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    Once you have upgraded your system to 10.3 then you will need the Mac OS X Combined Update 10.3.9, to bring your system to 10.3.9. Which is the last update to OS X 10.3.
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    Upgrading from 10.2 Jaguar to 10.3 Panther is a really good choice. A couple months ago I upgraded to Panther, & my only regret is that I didn't do so sooner. You will love the new Finder, & Expose'. The new Finder is cool because I spend less time burrowing thru levels of folders. Expose' is useful when I have a number of applications or windows open. Being able to use Quicktime 7 is a good reason also for upgrading.

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    How much ram do I need for 10.3? This older iBook that I aquired very cheap only has 96 ram. I don't know if that is extremely small for mac, or agerage for this age. All I want this computer for is pretty much internet and email. I have a PC for all other needs. Maybe down the road, my next computer will be a mac if I really like it.

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    For email, & internet you should be ok with 256 MB of ram total. Panther uses ram fairly efficiantly. Which iBook G3 do you have? If you're not sure you can follow this link here: to find out. The webpage lists specs for both iBooks & Powerbooks, just scroll the page down to the iBooks section. After determining what iBook you have, finding the ram you need should be easier. If you have any trouble finding some let me know, & i'll see if i can find someplace that sells it for a reasonable price.

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