It seems that, now that I've switched to a Mac, anything I upload to my webserver gives me a "This file is dangerously writable" error the first time I load it, at which point the server automatically fixes the problem and it is fine after that. No big deal, right?

Well, I develop a little PHP program for the management of webcomics, and it would feel, well, unprofessional, to have that problem crop up for my users.

I have a program already that will let me change permissions through Get Info, and I've tweaked things, but it still doesn't always seem to fix the problem. Also, the program sets my Mac account to the "Owner" status, and I'm wondering if that will cause problems down the line.

I realize all of this is a consequence of using a UNIX-based operating system, but I just need to know what I should be CHMODing to to make sure that this problem doesn't happen once I distribute things.

(I know that my /comics folder, which is where the script uploads the comics, needs to be CHMODed to 777 to make sure that the script can easily write files to it, correct?)